Commenting – Student Blogging Challenge Week 2

Hello Readers,

This weeks student blogging challenge is about commenting!

I have commenting guidelines here.

I commented on 4 student blogs:

1. Lucy

I commented on Lucy’s post about the candy tuft flowers.

My comment:

Hi Lucy! I had no idea these flowers even existed and your facts taught my something new today. Thanks!

From Mia.

2. Ava

I commented on Ava’s post about Fall.

My comment:

Hi Ava!

I find this post really interesting because in Australia now it is spring. We don’t have Thanksgiving in Australia and it sounds really fun!

From Mia.

3. Chloe

I commented on Chloe’s post about her favourite songs.

My comment:

Hi Chloe,

I love how you showed us your favourite songs because it gave us an insight into your personality. I like some of those songs too.

From Mia.

4. Rachel

I commented on Rachel’s post about waterslides.

My comment:

Hi Rachel,

My favourite waterpark would be wet ‘n’ wild at the gold coast because there was a lot of rides that were fun but not too scary as I am a huge chicken!

From Mia.

I hope you enjoyed my post. Don’t forget to comment!

Mia xxx

3 thoughts on “Commenting – Student Blogging Challenge Week 2

  1. G’day Mia,
    Some great comments there. Did you remember to leave a link to your blog so Lucy, Ava, Chloe and Rachel can come visit your blog to leave a comment?

  2. Hi Mia,

    I am also doing the Student Blogging Challenge. This is a fantastci post! It clearly outlines the guidlines of a good comment. I like the poster design because it is simple yet effective! Keep going you are doing really well!


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