Widgets – Student Blogging Challenge Week 3

Hello Readers,

For this weeks student blogging challenge I have chosen to do the activity about widgets. As you can see if you scroll down on my blog, I have many widgets, but the most recent one is the human calendar. This week’s challenge is to add at least one new widget to your sidebar and write a post explaining why you chose that particular widget. This is what I am going to do.

I chose the human calendar because it as I get more and more overseas visitors, there are of course different time zones. This is a great addition to my widgets as it shows the day where I am. It is also very unique as there are people with the calendar rather than just a boring old plain calendar.

Human Calendar
Human Calendar

I also made a video about widgets using wideo which you can see here.

Mia xxx

5 thoughts on “Widgets – Student Blogging Challenge Week 3

  1. hi Mia,
    the human calendar was a great idea its super cute 🙂 its also cool that you added it so people can she what time it is in your time zone, bye

  2. Great post Mia. I have never included the human calendar on my blogs but will often have two or three clocks showing the time in different time zones where I connect with classes.

  3. I don’t know that I have ever seen a human calendar. I can certainly say that is not the case anymore. Good job, Mia.

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