Dolphins – Student Blogging Challenge Week 7

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This weeks student blogging challenge is about the world of nature, so we could write about anything as long as it was man-made. I have chosen to write about bottlenose dolphins, my favourite animal, which you would know if you read my Sister Tag.

Bottlenose Dolphins main sources of food are squid and fish. They are mammals that give birth to live pups. Dolphins pups stay with their mother for about six years and drink milk and start eating fish at about six months old. Dolphins may not move to different waters to have babies but most are born in spring and summer.

Credit goes here.
Credit goes here.

Dolphins protect themselves by travelling in pods and using whistles and clicks to communicate. A threat to the dolphins is that climate change is causing to waters to go warmer, leading the dolphins food into colder waters, making the dolphins follow.

Scientists worry that dolphins will have a hard time adapting to these waters as they are unusual. The bottlenose dolphin lives in areas right around the Australian coast in tropical waters.

I hope you enjoyed my post this week.

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2 thoughts on “Dolphins – Student Blogging Challenge Week 7

  1. Very informative! I like Dolphins too and Heidi and I swam with wild Dolphins in Hawaii during our honeymoon! Thanks Mia

  2. G’day Mia,
    Another great post but what would make it even better is to write it from a personal view. For example have you seen dolphins in the wild? Have you swum with them on holiday?

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