Time for a Break …….

Hello Readers,

Year 7 is really stressful and a bit overwhelming. I didn’t get a post up this week and unfortunately I don’t think I can get around to posting. I’m sorry but I will be taking a break from blogging this term.

I may return but I can’t make any promises. Mia Mania will still be up and runnings so if you would like to come back and read some of my old posts, feel free to. There is a lot of change happening right now but….

“Change brings opportunity” – Nido Qubein

I’ll see where life takes me but this has been one incredible year of blogging…

-Mia xxx

Song of the Month

Hello Readers,

I am starting a new series on my blog called ‘Song of the month’. These posts will happen on the first post of the month.

February’s song is…

Hide away by Daya






This song is my favourite song at the moment because it is really upbeat and fun to dance to.

I hope you enjoy this new series!

Mia xxx

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Hello Readers,

I thought it would be fun to do a 10 things you didn’t know about me post as new readers can get to know me more. For more click here.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1.  I can’t whistle, click or wink.
  2. I have been a flower girl twice at both my uncles weddings.
  3. When I was 7, I took dance classes and I did a slide on the wooden studio floor and had the most massive splinter in my leg. My dance teacher literally picked me up and took me to the doctors surgery across the road, where they called my parents. The doctor gave me the splinter inside a plastic tube and I still have it today. It is about 8 cm long.
  4. If I had 3 wishes I would wish for world peace, to be able to teleport to places and to never get sick.
  5. I am young for my year.
  6. I am a very picky eater. I dislike fish, lasagne, sushi, eggs, most vegetables and more.
  7. I bite my nails. I know it is a very bad habit but I do it when I am anxious or bored.
  8. When I grow up I want to be an event manager and have my own wedding planning business or be a character at movie world as it combines acting, photos, being around kids and working at a theme park.
  9. I have been to 2 countries, Thailand and New Zealand. I am going to France and England in June though.
  10. My favourite movies are ‘Into The Woods’ and ‘A Second Chance’. Both are on netflix.

I hope you got to know more about me.

Mia xxx


Organisation for 2016

Hello Readers,

This post is about how to stay organised for 2016. With the the new year comes resolutions and often they have something to do with organisation.

My favourite organisational shops are Kikki K and Typo. They have really cute and organisational stationary but the downside is that they are super overpriced so it is better to ask for it for your birthday and/or Christmas.

To stay organised, I like to have a to do list pad. Mine is from Kikki K. I write a to do list each day and I find it keeps me on track the majority of the time. During school time, to organise my homework I use Kikki K’s weekly planner.

A5 To Do List Pad Be Brave Weekly Planner







Seeing what you need to get done and when is great because it stops procrastination, so whenever I walk into my room I see that a blog post needs to go up.

I absolutely love cute notepaper. I have different types of notepaper in different sizes and it makes me want to write down things as it is so pretty. Being organised is all about motivation. You are motivated to get things done if you see what is to be done and write it down in journals, planners and lists.

On my desk, I also find it useful to have no clutter as you feel like sitting down and getting things done.

I hope this post will help you stay more organised.

Mia xxx


A fresh start – 2016

Hello Readers,

I am back! Happy New Year! This is sort of a update post on 2016 and my blog. As you may know, I am starting year 7 this year and my posts may decline a little bit but I will continue blogging.

I was doing a lot of thinking about how everybody makes new years resolutions and how I usually start the year of with good intentions and then forget all about my resolution. This year I will try to stick to my resolutions and they are…..

2016 Resolutions

2016 will be a fabulous year for Mia Mania and I will be writing a lot of posts. My blog will be more lifestyle and fashion this year and I have some exciting posts planned like reviews and organisation. Comment down below any posts you would like to see in 2016 and I will add them to my list.

Thanks for reading.

Mia xxx


Getting My Ears Pierced

Hello Readers,

Today I am going to talk about getting my ears pierced. I got them pierced on Saturday the 13th of December at a special medical place in the city. I am going to highlight my experience and the pros and cons.

My experience

I went into the city, very nervous. My Mum, sister and I went all together. I waited for about 15 minutes in the waiting room until I was called in. I sat on a chair and the lady who was piercing my ears told my Mum to draw sharpie on my ear where the piercing would go. They spent ages making sure they were equal. After, the lady disinfected my ears. She placed the gun over my earlobe and I think the scariest part was when she was about to shoot. She pierced my left ear and I screamed. The lady told me to be quiet as there were other people around. The second ear I didn’t scream but it still hurt. It only hurt for about 5 seconds. I was shocked. All my friends described the agony and pain they experienced and I was very surprised that it didn’t hurt much. And I am a huge wimp! When we were leaving it did itch a little bit. Every piercing place is different but mine said not to touch the ears or the earrings and the use these wipes twice a day around my ears with clean fingers. They also said not to twist the earrings.


  • Being able to wear earrings
  • Being like my friends
  • Having them pierced so I can wear earrings to school


  • The pain (It wasn’t that bad)
  • Not being able to touch my ears/earrings for 6 weeks
  • Cleansing my ears twice a day

Thanks for reading this post. I hope this helped you if you are thinking about getting your ears pierced. Also I will be taking a break from posting until mid January as it is holidays, Christmas, New year and I am going away.

Mia xxx


Please Vote!

Hello Readers,
I am honoured to be nominated for a Edublog award this year. I am in the best student blog category.Badge I would be thrilled if you showed your support by voting for me.
To vote for me in the 2015 Edublog awards go here:
Scroll down until you reach the “Best student blog” category and click the drop down box and click the option http://bloggingwithmia04.edublogs.org/ then press vote! You can do this once a day on phones, tablets and laptops!
Voting closes on the 17th of December at 3.59 pm Sydney time.
Thank you all so much and I really appreciate it as I put a lot of hard work and effort into my blog.
PS: Do you like my new header and background. My header is my ‘logo’ and I designed it myself so if you look closely, the alignment of the shapes is a little crooked!
Mia xxx


Blog Audit – Student Blogging Challenge Week 10

Hello Readers,

This is the last Student Blogging Challenge. I did not write a post last week for the challenge as it did not require one. This week’s challenge is a blog audit.


‘A systematic review or assessment of something.’

Since the beginning of October 2015……

  • How many posts did you write?

Including this one, 18.

  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

I had 9 challenges, 6 of my own interests and 3 school based.

  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

I received 30 comments on Fantastic Fish Printing. I know why that happened. It happened because at the time students in my grade at school were voting for the Year 6 RC Blogging Awards and they had to comment on every blog that was nominated in order to vote.

  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

I really enjoyed writing the Raise your voice post for blog action day. I enjoyed this because I felt like I was making a difference and putting my opinion on my blog.

  • Did you change blog themes at all and why?

I have not changed blog themes at all during the period of time because I find that the theme that I have is really great and I can change the header and background image according to the time. Eg: Christmas or Halloween.

  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

I have 13 widgets. I don’t think this is too many as they all are relevant add interest to my blog.

  • How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

I have 4 overseas students on my blogroll.

  • Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?

 I have used Animoto because it is a super easy way to turn photos into a cute slideshow.


Blog Audit from somebody who doesn’t read my blog:

I asked my sister, Audrey to do a blog audit for me.

What were your first impressions of this blog?

  • Wow, how did you do that yourself!
  • Organised
  • Very creative
  • A few different colours

What captured your attention?

  • Layout appealing
  • Nice colours
  • Bold pictures
  • Easy to navigate, in order

What distracted you on the blog?

  • The big picture up the top
  • Tag cloud moves too fast

What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

  • Space pictures more out
  • More personal
  • More explanation
  • Collaborate with overseas bloggers

Thanks for reading.

Mia xxx

DIY Pillow

Hello Readers,

This post is about making a super easy and I mean super easy, DIY pillow. Let’s get into it:

Step 1: Find a plain pillow

image1This could be one lying around the house, I using one that was on my bed and needed to be spiced up a little bit.



Step 2: Find a scarf that is not that important image2

Don’t worry, this pillow is not permanent, so you can still wear your scarf by taking it off the pillow.



Step 3: Making the pillowimage3

This is so simple. Place the pillow in the middle of the scarf and bring all the edges to the middle of the pillow and tie a knot. Flip over the pillow.








You are done. This is very easy and inexpensive so you can change up your pillow for any season or event.






Thanks for reading.

Mia xxx