Spring Favourites

Hello Readers,

This school holidays I have been enjoying the warmer weather (most of the time) and have a lot of favourite things. So I am going to show you my Spring favourites. These are not necessarily related to Spring though.

– iPad case

On my iPad I have a Mimco case. I really love it as it is black and gold, has pockets inside and a stand.

– The glass bird girl

This book is fantastic. It is about a girl called Edie who is assigned to go to boarding school and keep an eye on a wealthy Russian princess.

-Cocoa Crunch

This is a bar that is like rice bubbles covered in chocolate. I know it is not the healthiest but it is a healthier alternative to a chocolate bar.

– Scrunchies

I love to put a scrunchie around a ponytail or a bun in the warmer weather as it keeps my hair out if my face and looks super cute!

– Birkenstocks

My black Birkenstocks are amazing because they mould to my foot and are great when it is hot.

– Strawberry lip gloss

I love my strawberry lip gloss from the body shop. It is so moisturising.

-Vanilla perfume

My vanilla perfume is also from the body shop and smells heavenly.

– Kindle

Reading my Kindle outside is really refreshing and I love to read and heaps of books can be stored on this tiny tablet.

– White top

I love my lace white top from Zara as it goes when with most outfits.


My Lovisa ring is white and gold and is a flower. It perfectly finishes off an outfit.

Those are my Spring Favourites.

Mia xxx


Autumn Holiday Essentials

Hello Readers,

Autumn Holidays are approaching very swiftly for Australia, so I thought I could write a blog post talking about some essentials for the holidays. Here they are:

  • A scarf

A scarf is an absolute must for me. Try and get a pretty one with prints on it- animals are my fave! Cheetah spots anyone?

  • An umbrella

You never know and it is great to have an umbrella in case of rain.

  • A warm, furry jacket

Something that keeps you warm, is furry and is a fashion statement? Count me in!

  • A pair of cute boots – or two

It is always wonderful to have a pair of fabulous shoes and boots are just the thing!

  • Some sort of reading material

Whether a magazine, a book, or an ebook, you should always have something to read!

  • A cooking book, an oven and some creativity!

Baking and cooking are just the things to do in the holidays, you have fun and you get a delicious snack!

  •  A playlist of your favourite songs

You can use Pandora, Spotify , the Music app on Apple products or anything you want! Just get a awesome playlist that makes you smile together. Happy listening!

  • A scented candle

A scented candle is positively perfect for Autumn! It lights up your bedroom and smells like heaven.

  •  Fuzzy slippers

A fantastic thing to have. It warms your toes at night, in the morning, or whenever!

  • Hot chocolate

Having a hot chocolate is so nice on a cold day.

  • Movies

You can curl up, cover yourself with blankets and fall asleep watching movies! I recommend Netflix. The best!

  • A electric blanket or hot water bottle

To go to sleep with a warm bed is amazing.


I hope you enjoyed my Autumn holiday essentials!

Mia xxx