Step by Step – My Goal for Term 3 (Update)

Hello Readers,

As some of you may remember, at the start of term 3 this year I wrote myself a goal. (Step by Step – My Goal for Term 3) I am here to update you on my progress with that goal.

My goal was for me to work on my time management which would help with my schoolwork, homework and blogging. I am pleased to report that I think I am going well with this goal. I have it on my whiteboard at home, right in front of my desk, so I look at it when I do my homework.

The reason I think I am going well is because I am handing in my work on time and my homework. My CYOA chapters have been up on my blog on time so my readers can vote. I have been sick lately and missing work so I have been catching up.

I feel like this is a very realistic goal and as term 3 comes to a close this week, I am very happy as I think I have achieved my goal. This achievement will help me next term and as I enter high school next year.

Mia xxx

Step by Step – My Goal for Term 3

Hello Readers,

As the new term commences, Mrs T gave 6T a task to set a SMART goal. A SMART goal stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. I think setting a goal is a great idea as it gives me something to work towards this term. I plan to put my goal on my whiteboard at home so I look at it everyday. The goal I have decided to work towards is my time management skills which will overall help with my blogging consistency. Here is my goal:


My goal for term 3 is to work on my time management. With blog posts, schoolwork and homework, this would be great to have. I thought about this last term with my passion project as my time management was poor and there was a frantic rush towards the end.


I can measure this goal by checking that I blog once a week and check that my homework and schoolwork is handed in on time.


This is achievable, as I know it is possible and I can do it if I put my mind to it and stick to what I have set myself.


This goal is realistic as I am going to organise myself by putting a homework timetable on my whiteboard at home.


I will aim to finish this goal by the end of the term. I know when I will complete this goal because all my blogging, homework and school work will be handed in on time and I feel like I could do future homework on time.

Mia xxx