Hello Readers,

After my last blog post, I was encouraged to write another blog post about camp. This post is about my time in the tents at Cockatoo Island.


That memorable night, when the teachers got mad and the students got a fright…


The tents at Cockatoo Island were a mix of dark and dull army green and mud brown with 1 bright orange polka dot and a cream white number. They were very crowded when 4 people were crammed in there, which made getting changed very hard, especially in the dark.


That long summer night was very hot and being pushed up against the flimsy tent was not a pleasant experience. The teachers turned into ferocious beasts if we dared to utter a word. As we hectically tossed lollies around the tent, we heard a sharp voice and we lowered our voices, but not for long.


A loud thud, followed by a hard shaking of the tent sent us screaming. ‘BE QUIET!!’ We were to scared to say anything and we soon fell into a deep sleep.


At about 4 am I was soaking wet and the rain was pelting on our tent and shrieks arose from nearby tents. We ran outside in a hurry and closed the tent windows but it was too late. The tent was soaking.


‘GO BACK TO BED!!’ The teachers were awake and they meant business. We all clambered back into our damp and messy tent, but none of us could fall asleep.


It was finally morning. Groggy eyed and sleepy, we got dressed and prepared for the long day ahead of us.

Mia xxx

Night time at Cockatoo Island

Hello Readers,

I’d like to tell you about how Year 6 spent their night at Cockatoo Island earlier this term. The buzz of excitement died down, as we split into groups and got ready to cook dinner. It was pasta. As some of us got started chopping vegetables, the rest of us got started on the pasta. We stirred and stirred, very eager to eat. After what seemed like forever, we finally were ready to put together our meal. We dished out the meals, adding vegetables and meat. It felt really rewarding to eat something we had made together. After eating dinner, we all went back to our tents and got showered and changed. A big clutter of girls gathered together like a swarm of bees, all flying every which way. As Mrs W announced that we were doing sparkler photography, we all cheered. We then split into classes and had fun creating shapes with the sparklers. All of us were very tired and we clambered into the tents. That didn’t stop us talking though. As we eventually fell asleep, we reflected on the day.

Mia xxx